Featured Inventor:

Lonnie G. Johnson


Lonnie G. Johnson:


Modern Day Genius


Today, Lonnie G. Johnson is a successful businessman with a network of professional engineering ventures That advance his vast array of research and development interest.

for more information about our Living legend, visit his website at:


Research and Development


A Premiere entrepreneurial company with current developments in areas ranging from toys and consumer products to advanced technology
energy devices, including Nano-technology and a host of other cutting edge technologies.


You can check Lonnie out at his website www.johnsonrd.com 

...And maybe hire his research division to bring your ideas to Market!

Mr. Lonnie G. Johnson and Bro. Umar Shabazz Bey

 at Lonnie’s Alma Mater, Tuskegee University

The Booker T. Washington Economic Development Summit

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