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For nearly 30 years, The Black Inventions Museum

has traveled all over the world! It has been enjoyed

in Africa, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and the South Pacific Islands.

Make plans to experience it in your town Soon!

History of the Black Inventions Exhibitions

The collection and display of artifacts today known as

'The Traveling Black Inventions Museum'

began in the late 1980's during Prof.  Umar Shabazz Bey's  science classes at The Marcus Garvey Schools in Los Angeles, California. 

Garrett A. Morgan



Brother Umar required all of his Junior High Science students to report on an individual who had made a major contribution to the world of science through inventions. 

On the day of each child's speech, another artifact was introduced to the classroom display of inventions. The rest is history.

 Our most popular exhibition, The Black Inventions Museum formed a board of directors spearheaded by   Dr. Joseph N. Jackson, Joe Edmonds and Veronica L. Shealy. 

The Black Inventions Museum, Inc.  was officially founded as a non-profit corporation In 1994 . 

With the late Lady Sala Shabazz Bey, Valerie J. Robinson-Shealy promoted to the new curator, The Black Inventions Museum, Inc.  was established to  raise funding for a  permanent Black Inventions Museum in the Los Angeles area. 

An institution that could serve as the first of many technologically advanced cultural learning centers throughout the country and the global diaspora.

One of the goals of BISM, Inc. is the manifestation of this institution and its duplication.