BISM Mission Statement

The Black Inventors and Scientists Museums, Inc. (BISM) is a not-for-profit corporation committed to establishing a consortium of self-sustainable, permanent museums, and state-of-the-art, Technological and Agricultural Research Centers. Part of our mission is to promote and progress the historical contributions of People of Color. Our goal is to foster educational environments where  scholars and enthusiasts can gather and advance the knowledge of our cultural heritage in the sciences. 

The first phase of the BISM consortium is the identification of communities and organizations with the capacity and desire to develop permanent institutions to serve the public at large. 

These initial projects will include premiere museums for students, tourists and visitors from around the world. The facilities may also host educational research forums, historical archives, world class dormitories, performing arts centers and think tanks. 

This will forge a comprehensive platform for cooperative research opportunities, aligning the best minds from our colleges, high schools and universities with the finest scientists, students and artists from the far reaches of the globe.

Foster future scientific and entrepreneurial collaborations between participants and sponsors. 


Preliminary Objectives:

1. Complete the goal of establishing national venues to promote and advance the study of Black Inventors.

2. Identify students, educators and professionals from interested institutions, organizations and businesses; that wish to partner with BISM in this unprecedented endeavor.

3. Expand the consortium to include research in the fields of Technology, Agricultural Development,

Alternative Energy, Wellness, Sports, Empowering Education, Music, Arts, Dance and Film.   

4. Lay the groundwork for similar developments in communities nationwide and around the world.

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